Drinking (the non-alcohol kind) and Shopping at United by Blue

United by Blue (UBB) is one of my favorite stores in Old City (great location in West Philly too). Their combination of healthy food, drinks, clothing and bags is unique. (One day I’ll have to take a pic of my UBB bag collection. I haven’t travelled with anyone else’s bags for years.)

Two new drinks are available this summer, both highly recommend. One is a smoothie, the other coffee.

I figured the tropical smoothie would be good, but the expert flavor blending was even better than I expected.

The new iced coconut chai latte was good with skim milk, but I liked it better when I requested oat milk.

Of course there is the summer clothes shopping. I bought a pair of quick dry shorts with zippered pockets while wearing a previously purchased UBB t-shirt.

Pro tip (I hate that term by the way, like the person giving it is some kind of professional. I have to think of something better. Maybe “Experienced Customer Tip”): Ask for a loyalty card. Ten coffee drinks gets the 11th free, but even better it gets 20% off merchandise.

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