Semi Secret Park and Courtyard in Old City

Arch street between 3rd and 4th has two locations easy to miss but worth stopping by.

Next to the fire station is a small park fronted with a site familiar to Old City residents, a giant Ben Franklin head. This is actually the second giant Franklin head. The first, made out of pennies donated by school children and known as Penny Franklin, deteriorated. This seems an improvement.

Besides and behind the big head are fountains.

At the very back of the park is what I assume is a bird bath.

Next to park behind an iron gate is Loxley Court. Historic homes surround a courtyard. This is private property, so if you check it out and a resident yells at you, I never told you to go inside.

Past the brick arch are some sculptures.

This was also the site of a murder in the 90s. Tried to find an article about it but couldn’t. Maybe the powerful real estate lobby had it buried. As I recall, two women were murdered by a handyman. So some minor trespassing is by far the least worst crime committed on this location.

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