Japan in the City

Tucked in Fairmount Park is the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. While it’s been on the site since 1958, I never visited.

To get there, I took an Uber to Memorial Hall. Built for the 1876 Centennial, it now houses the Please Touch Museum.

From the web site directions, I knew to walk around the side, out the back of the parking lot, down a path, and through black gates. I then overshot my destination and wound up doubling back. Never follow me anywhere.

I finally found the entrance and paid the $12 admission.

It’s suggested to walk through the house first, then the garden. Since this is a Japanese house, shoes are left outside.

To protect the murals, there are some rooms that can be looked at but not entered.

The kitchen is open.

As is the tea house.

At the rear is the bathhouse with a tub, urinal and squat toilet. Visitors, however, get to use the porta potty.

Gardens can be viewed from the veranda.

After leaving the house, visitors can walk on the paths around the pond, but sadly not across this bridge.

The pond is well stocked with koi.

There are several sculptures.

There’s a waterfall in the back.

The garden has good views of the exterior of the house.

And some other great views.

I took a photo of a family who were struggling to get a selfie, and in exchange they took one of me.

Next visit will hopefully not be in 90 degree weather, but they sell $1 bottles of water at the ticket booth.

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