An International Touch in West Philly

Turn onto Sansom from 34th, and for a brief stroll it feels like you fell through a portal to Europe. As long as you only look at one side of the street.

To complete the international experience, go into Avril 50 at 3406 Sansom.

There you can browse a collection of international magazines, postcards and gift cards, while breathing in a rich coffee scent and listening to soothing music.

And take care of any tobacco needs you may have.

But whatever you do, do not take any notes. (I bet pictures count.)

To atone for my probable rule breaking, I walked out with 2 extraordinarily expensive bars of French chocolate.

One thought on “An International Touch in West Philly

  1. Mmmm French dark chocolate… although I am partial to extremely high cacao like 88%. I crave the bitterness… awesome blog David!!!!

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