The Better River

I live a few blocks from the Delaware, a working river where gigantic ships loaded with containers slowly make their way to port. But when it comes to sheer beauty, both natural and architectural, the Schuylkill is the clear winner. Kelly Drive runs along the river, and is a premier spot for joggers, bikers and slow walkers who just want to take pictures.

From the pavilion above the waterfall, three centuries of architecture are on display, including the early 19th century Water Works, the early 20th century Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the newly competed second Comcast Tower.

From there, the next stop is Boathouse Row. The boathouses are famous for their colored lights seen from the river. But on the street side they stand out individually.

And on nice days the rowers will be out.

Boathouse Row also has a skyline view.

Then there are the bridges of steel and stone.

I usually walk to the Playing Angels sculpture and then head back.

On this walk I did my usual photo exchange with hapless selfie takers. Offering to serve as a photographer is an easy way to get someone else to take a photo of you.

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