Two Parks Post

West Philly is the home of two very unusual hidden parks with roots in different centuries.

James G. Kaskey Memorial Park, also known as the BioPond, was originally created on the U Penn campus in the 1890s and has gone through many alterations. It can be accessed off of 38th and Hamilton Walk (just south of Spruce).

Once in the park, it feels completely secluded from the city, with lush walkways and many benches.

The centerpiece is the pond.

I was stalking this turtle and couldn’t get a clear shot until it climbed out of the water.

The pond has a waterfall, but it wasn’t working during my visit.

There are a lot of flowers and ferns to photograph.

A few blocks away at 30th and Chestnut is the 21st century Cira Green on the roof of Cira Center South. Entrance is under the sign, then up an elevator and escalator.

There is no thinking this park isn’t in the city. The views are part of the attraction

Since my last visit they added giant letters advertising apartment rentals to the glass barrier, which is ugly and detracts from the view. Especially since from the park side the letters are backward.

The terraced design fits a lot into a compact space, with the building’s glass walls reflecting the surroundings.

It can be windy at that hight. My hair does not normally stand up.

Both parks have their merits and are worth making the effort to find.

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