A Plant Bonanza in East Falls

I took a trip to Vault + Vine in the East Falls section of Philly with friends.

The light filled shop floor has flowers, plants, pots, and gift items like artisanal soaps and candles.

Even more plants and pots are in the attached greenhouse.

The shop also has a cafe with greenhouse seating.

What I really liked is you can pick a plant and a pot and they will handle the potting.

My apartment is a death zone for plants due to a lack of natural light. I was told a snake plant is basically unkillable. It requires little light and little water. It’s also known as mother-in-laws tongue because you can’t get rid of it. (I wasn’t aware there are plant jokes.) I picked a plant and pot and am going to put this to the test.

Here are my friends and I with our plants.

And here is my plant in its new, far from natural light, home.

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