South Philly’s Hidden Pier and Nature Trail

Washington Avenue Pier was dedicated in August 2014, but still little known because it is literally off the trail. The trail in this case is the Delaware River Trail.

The access is at Columbus Blvd. and Washington Ave.

Follow the path to parking lot gates.

From there you will see the trail entrance.

Follow that until you see the Pier entrance.

Keep walking.

Finally you will come the Pier itself.

The 55 foot tall sculpture is called “Land Buoy” and the steps can be climbed.

I am not a fan of open heights, but I climbed them anyway just to get some shots.

I took a few more shots on my way out.

If you turn left at the Pier entrance, you can continue walking the trail.

It currently ends with a locked gate at the Walmart parking lot. Only way out is to turn around and walk back to Washington Ave.

Once on Washington, if you make a right and walk one block to Christian, there are two additional activities. Across the street is Old Swedes Church, which I included in an earlier post.

If you’re ready for some food, Shank’s is on the right.

I opted for the pork with sharp provolone.

If you are not tired after all that walking, you can continue for another few blocks to Spruce Street Harbor, the subject of the previous post.

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