A Bookstore on the Parkway

Book Corner on 20th just north of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is a used bookstore run by Friends of the Free Library. Books are donated, rather than sold for store credit like most used bookstores.

Also unlike most used bookstores, the prices are uniform by format. No need to look for a penciled price in each book.

The first large room off the entrance is non-fiction.

There is a children’s book section in an alcove off the non-fiction room.

Fiction is through a doorway.

The fiction collection is heavily weighted towards literary novels and mysteries/thrillers. Light on science fiction, so I guess science fiction readers are more reluctant to donate their books.

That is a cat sprawled out on the floor by the bookcase. More pictures below for cat lovers.

Book Corner is not a place to go looking for newer releases or specific titles. But it is a fun place for book lovers to spend some browsing time.

If you like bookstores, check out the post about bookstores in Queen Village.

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