Lost in Fairmount Park

Sometimes I set off on a blog adventure and don’t get what I expected. This is one of those times.

My plan was to visit the Underground Railroad Museum located in Belmont Mansion in Fairmount Park, which I discovered online while researching possible topics. Sounded like the kind of interesting but little known attraction I’m trying to cover. The website said they were open, but my Lyft pulled up to locked gates. The driver was dubious about leaving me there, but this blog is about urban exploring, so I figured I’d wing it.

Here is the mansion from the outside.

And the view from Belmont Plateau is an attraction itself.

Google Maps showed the next closest mansion was Ridgeland, so I headed there. It’s currently a cancer support center, but I could see the outside.

Then I kept walking. A lot of the park is not pedestrian friendly. I stayed on a path when I could.

I passed this interesting attraction.

It wasn’t open, but from what I could see, the treetop course was not something I’d like. When it comes to heights, I am not as brave as the happy children in the banner.

Eventually I made my way the river, and found myself on the Schuylkill River Trail. Other sections are covered in this post and this post.

I found a set of monkey bars and took an action selfie.

My walk continued to the Strawberry Mansion Bridge before I turned around to head back towards Center City.

On the way I found this cottage, ancient by even Philly standards.

As well as this much newer structure.

I then got to the Columbia Bridge.

By this point I was at Montgomery Drive.

After two hours and 4.5 miles of walking, as well as 90 degree temperature, a major intersection seemed like a good point to call for a car to take me home.

For more on Fairmount Park, see this post about the Japanese House and Garden.

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