A Cafe With a Mission

Frieda at 320 Walnut St. bills itself as a European style cafe with a multigenerational staff. They are also a community center, hosting events designed to bring generations together.

The space is bright and airy with an industrial feel.

They offer a small selection of artisanal items and teas.

I had a French omelet (Gruyere and herbs) and a pain au chocolat. Not to sound like a snob (which means I am about to sound like a giant snob), but croissants outside of France are usually crap. Frieda has a Parisian trained chef, and it really showed here. The pain au chocolat was crispy on the outside, light and flaky inside, with a creamy chocolate filling. Not the Hershey’s Kiss wrapped in dough that normally passes for one. I could eat it daily.

Click the link at the top to see their full menu. The pace is slow, also European, but a great place to linger.

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