A Peek at the New Bourse

The Bourse Building has stood at Independence Mall since 1895, when it opened as the first commodities exchange in the US. In 1979 it became an office and retail complex with a food hall. The retail was mostly souvenir shops, and the food was mostly awful. Although there was one place that made a chicken kabob I liked.

The building is now undergoing a complete renovation, and the food hall is going upscale. The list of vendors is impressive.

The official opening is mid-November, but the building is open now as individual soft launches roll out.

Mighty Melt, a gourmet grilled cheese shop, is open.

Barry’s Buns is fully stocked.

Tough decision, but I went with a chocolate peanut butter bar.

The building itself is an attraction, since the hall is basically a giant atrium.

Depending on the time of a visit, food choices will be hit or miss for a while. But now is a great time to go before the crowds arrive.

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