New Life for an Old Pier

The decades abandoned pier next to Race Street Pier on the Delaware River waterfront just reopened under the name Cherry Street Pier, and is truly unique. A combination artist colony, exhibit space, food court, festival venue, bar, and public hangout spot.

Repurposed shipping containers house a two story collection of artist studios.

Food vendors are housed in old trolly cars.

The bar features locally produced spirits. The ID system is interesting. (Really, my grey hair should be the only proof of age I need.) A quick sign up gets a patron card which can be used instead of an ID and grants access to a fast lane.

The back of the Pier is open air and features a prism art instillation.

The very back has a great Ben Franklin Bridge view.

Currently in the main hall are lighted seesaws and a typewriter area from the subject of an earlier post.

The Pier is open every day from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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