Philly’s Grand Train Station

Opened in 1933, 30th Street Station is a throwback to a time when rail travel was king.

Recently the streetscape was updated with a community space called The Porch.

But inside it’s 1930’s glamour with soaring ceilings and giant lights.

The station has two impressive pieces of art. A statue dedicated to railroad workers who died in World War II, and a panel called “Spirit of Transportation.”

My favorite feature is the departure board, an old fashioned flip board that makes a clacking sound every time it’s updated.

(Amendment: Sadly, this was taken down in January 2019 and moved to a railway museum.)

At the other end of my trip is New York’s Penn Station, which I think is fair to describe as a soul sucking pit of despair.

2 thoughts on “Philly’s Grand Train Station

  1. Great post and photos! (Suzy J here — enjoyed meeting you in person at the bookstore.) There is a New York Penn Station documentary which, if you haven’t seen it, is well worth the watch but also tragic for the ending. I am actually pulling out of Penn Station right now. The post office annex to the station does seem to be an improvement, but replacing the original station, truly a labor of love and work of art, is impossible.


  2. Recently stopped by 30th St Station just because! It is an architectural and aesthetic treasure. I stood, transfixed, at that old-school Arrival/departure board for several minutes for the sheer joy of it! Thanks for a great post, David!

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