Old City’s Giant Wawa

For those outside of Philly, Wawa is a local convenience store/coffee shop/sandwich shop chain with their own dairy brand. The stores are usually small corner markets or part of gas stations, but in recent years they’ve opened larger locations. I’ve never been a big fan. A large store opened last year across the street from my office. I think I went once or twice for sandwiches.

Now they opened their largest store ever next to Independence Hall.

It is a beautiful space.

Unfortunately, it’s still a Wawa. I ordered a breakfast. Here’s what it looked like on the screen and what I actually got.

They have decent bathrooms, so there is that if you find yourself in the area and need a pit stop. But I’d go somewhere else to eat.


Several friends pointed out an omelet was not the best choice. So to be fair, I went back and ordered a breakfast sandwich. This time the result was closer to the order screen image.

More importantly, it was actually good. Bacon was crispy and the eggs fluffy. Also, the coffee was a limited time free offer through the Wawa app.

So I amend my original summary to note that with the right choice, the food can be good.

2 thoughts on “Old City’s Giant Wawa

  1. Given where t his Wawa is, I’d gather most of the business is tourist. Not that it is a bad thing. But local residents know of so many places to get a proper morning meal. Glad to see you are in Publishing – that was once a core economic activity in the city, sad to see how it disappeared. But the buildings on Washngton Square (Loeb) and Chestnut (Curtis) are still there.

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