Drinking and Plant Buying at First Friday

A few months ago I wrote about Old City Philly’s First Friday. It’s year round, and I went out for the First Friday in January.

First stop was the bar at the back of Art in the Age at 116 N. Third St. No specific events for First Friday, but they have launched their January cocktail menu.

It felt like a good night for sipping on gin and juice.

Next stop was United by Blue at 205 Race St. They had a pop up shop from Grounded.

My first floor condo is not friendly to plants needing a lot of light. This summer I wrote about buying a snake plant, which I was told was unkillable. I’ve been putting that to the test. It’s alive, but not as healthy as when I bought it. The Grounded people said a ZZ plant needs little light, so I got one. Send your thoughts and prayers.

My last stop was Pinot Boutique at 227 Market St. They had live music for First Friday.

I hadn’t been there in a while, and it’s completely different. It had been a shop selling local wines and wine accessories. They still do, but now they also have a bar with wine flights, snacks, cocktails, and wine and beer by the glass.

I went with the wine and chocolate flight.

I like the not really a bar/bar setting for some relaxing drinking, and now I know there are two options in my neighborhood. I’ll be back to Pinot.

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