Lost in the Stacks in Old City (and other bookstores around Philly)

The Book Trader, on 2nd just north of Market, is an Old City institution with two jam-packed floors of used books. I heard two people say “wow” when they got a look at the place. And it’s pretty much always open.

First floor is non-fiction, and space between the shelves can be very narrow.

Climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor fiction section gives a bird’s eye view.

The 2nd floor has a reading nook and a vinyl collection, for anyone with the equipment to still play records.

And more packed to overflowing shelves.

I got a selfie while picking up some books.

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One thought on “Lost in the Stacks in Old City (and other bookstores around Philly)

  1. Beautiful work! You are able to convey all the beauty and charms of the City. I’m really looking forward to meeting Philadelphia.


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