Drinking Chocolate in Old City

Shane Confectionary at 110 Market Street is an old fashioned (in every sense of the word) candy store.

But the back of the store has an additional feature, a drinking chocolate cafe.

This isn’t typical hot chocolate. The drinks range in their level of sweetness and bitterness, and are much thicker. So if you’re a milk chocolate or dark chocolate fan, the friendly staff can guide you to the right choice. I went with the slightly bitter house chocolate and a house made marshmallow.

The drink is prepared by mixing chocolate pieces in hot milk.

The perfect drink for a cold winter day.

One thought on “Drinking Chocolate in Old City

  1. Drinking chocolate was they way it came to the Western world – it was way too expensive for most Americans till Mr. Hershey figured out how to use the newly discovered Emulsification process to add milk. Milk chocolate remains the single most favored type of chocolate in the US. When you read about affluent 18th people having ‘bread and chocolate’ for breakfast, it’s the liquid form. Nice to see there is at least one place where you can experience this.

    I note that making real hot chocolate has never been easier. Hershey’s for example, makes their ‘Dark Chocolate’ unsweetened powder available in most major supermarkets. Ad your preferred sweetener (good new for diabetics), heavy cream (don’t need much) and you have a cup of delight. I hope making hot chocolate this way, rather than settling for the stuff that comes in foil pacakes, is the wave of the future. And of course today, 14th Feburary, its a great way to start. Theobromine forever!

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