Two Cafes on North 4th

I visited two very different cafes within a few steps of each other on North 4th Street in Northern Liberties.

First stop was The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop at 713 N. 4th.

This homey little cafe is a tea lovers dream. The menu of international teas goes on for pages.

Rather than digging into all the options, I went with the already made berry iced tea. There are a few food items, and I had a yogurt parfait with granola and fig.

If you’re there in nice weather, head down the hall behind the bar to the backyard. People were sitting there, so didn’t feel I could take a photo.

My next stop was Cafe La Maude, a 816 N. 4th.

This Lebanese-French cafe has an extensive menu of sweet and savory.

I went with the Croque Maude, because an egg on top sold me. (The green stuff is avocado sauce.)

The Cafe does not take reservations, but there is a back room, so not as small as it looks when entering.

I’ll note that next door is the highly regarded Honey’s Sit N Eat, but I was not having a third meal.

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